Apple AirPods 3 announced

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Previous versions overview

Apple has a tremendous journey towards the AirPods. All the series of AirPods have got lots of love from the user. AirPods 1, 2, and AirPods Pro are sold too much. Now Apple will be going to announce a new version of AirPods that is AirPods 3. This version is going to announced in the upcoming apple event which will be held on this march 2021.

Some Rumored about AirPods 3

While details remain unconfirmed, we’re seeing more leaks and reports from experts who believe Apple may make some significant improvements to its next-gen buds.

The 52 Audio report, that included an apparent photo of the new buds, said that the AirPods 3 may get active noise-cancellation to bring it more in line with the AirPods Pro. However, this contradicts The Elec’s earlier report that the AirPods 3 would not have ANC.

What, then, can be expected in terms of upgrades? We believe any major features the AirPods 3 take on are likely to come as part of future iOS 14 updates. Many AirPods Pro features could feasibly be carried over to the AirPods 3, including Dolby Atmos support and spatial audio to create a more cinematic experience. Add automatic switching to the list as well, which will automatically change the audio input based on the Apple device you’re using via iCloud account.

Two other features that seem like givens are Headphones Accommodation for amplifying soft sounds and frequency adjustments, and Hearing Health, which has been updated to send notifications when listening to music that’s too loud.

52 Audio also says that the AirPods 3 will hare the “pressure relief” function of the AirPods Pro, using small vents on the earbuds to release pressure that builds in your ear canal while using them. You can see these vents in the leaked photo and renders.

Reports of Apple testing a range of health features on future AirPods models date back to 2019, though nothing came of it. Could we see some of these on the AirPods 3? Industry sources recently shared with DigiTimes that ambient light sensors (ALS) could be integrated into the next-gen AirPods, allowing them to monitor heart rates and specific health conditions. If true, this would make the wireless earbuds a suitable fitness-tracking alternative to the Apple Watch.