TIK TOK no longer on Google and Apple Store

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Who Banned and why ?

Finally , Madras High Court has used it’s powers by banning TIK TOK app from Play store and App store. On 3rd April ,2019 Madras High Court on responding to a PIL (Public Information Litigation)by senior advocate S. MuthuKumar , they came up with an interim order that TIK TOK should be ban in India.
The popular app used by the teenager which is a creation of Chinese internet firm Byte dance’s for creating and sharing short video’s was available on application stores of both the Google and Apple store until Tuesday evening, but is no longer available for downloads on both the platforms.

There were bunch of reasons cited of them primarily among those reasons were like the content on the video app TIK TOK is objectionable , there is a which is almost of a pornographic nature. There is also age rating of TIK TOK i.e. children above 12 years (12+) can use it , therefore the creators and the viewer’s can be young children as well and the content is not appropriate for the children of that age. But the fact that there are sexual predators who target kids on video apps like TIK TOK.
A lot of privacy and technology law experts are saying this that they have a detailed analytical article from Ashita Regede on Tec2.com where she talks about the fact how the ban on TIKTOK is not just about on platform , it’s about taking a broader look at content regulation in India and this will set a worry in precedent.
Lot of lawyers across India also states that if there is ban by Madras High Court or any other High Court then there will be an attack to freedom of speech and freedom of expression.

You cannot say anything against the government of China and it monitors and regulates anything and everything which goes on internet and that is why we know that the China’s internet is policed in a big manner i.e. no one can say anything against the government because it is not allowed over there. India despite of all the challenges we have in our democracy , we have a free, open and neutral internet among all the players i.e. anybody can build a product that can thrive the Indian economic system on the internet. There’s a law in India of Section 79 of the Indian IT Act says,” All the internet companies that host such content are immune”. It states that you cannot punish them, you cannot hold them responsible for the shady content of the creators. The government is getting rid of Section 79 of the Indian IT Act and it’s a very big deal.

The content of TIK TOK is very worrisome and after all it has put the blame on parents , teachers and academic tutions. We are a country of 3400 Million internet users , TIK TOK doesn’t have any monopoly , because if go to YouTube there are lots very bad and poor videos bordering on pornography kind of content on YouTube itself but it has also a restricted by community Guild lines.

The company , responding to a statement on Tuesday had said that it was confident that 120 Million users would continue to use the platform.
It has also stated that it had removed over 6 Million videos that violated it’s ,”Terms and Community Guidelines”.

The next hearing of this case is in the Madras High Court on April 24, 2019 , while the Supreme Court posted the matter for hearing to April 22, 2019.

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