RSIM 15 Dual CPU Unlocking Card – Supports IOS 13.5.1

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Method (How to do it)

  1. Insert unlocking card, pop out menu.
  2. Choose “ICCID Activation”.
  3. Choose “TMSI MANUAL”.
  4. Pop out “Input ICCID Menu”( No need to revise ICCID, use default code ) Or if default will not working then place 8901 4104 2796 0534 4290 this ICCID.
  5. Press Send.
  6. Pop out “Setup OK”menu, press “Accept”, enter into activation mode.
  7. Press Activate & Wait for activating.
  8. after activated then choose TMSI AUTO (Go to setting ->mobile data -> Sim application -> select TMSI Auto).
  9. Mobile will Search signal automatically, following page will appear.

Enter into unlocking mode, then wait for signal to appear. ( It may flashback Shortly when enter into activating mode during this period, as following pic)

Wait it back to home page, Wait signal to appear (PS: Under this unlocking mode, if appeared “ No Service”, enter into SIM card Application menu and press “Regain SIM Signal” to acquire signal).


  1.     Detailed operation steps please refer to manual unlocking mode video

  2. Then enter into “SIM card Application”, press“Regain SIM Signal” – >  Wait for signal and “4G” symbol appeared, then dial “112” immediately, as following pic
  3. Dialing 112, do not hang up, pull the card and then insert , waiting for the signal.

Method 3 : If ICCID code blocked by apple use carrier selection and unlock it.

  1. TMSI AUTO  ->  Apply to choose carrier TMSI auto unlocking mode.(Detailed operations please refer to auto unlocking mode video instruction)
  2. Choose Carrier -> Choose TMSI MANUAL -> Pop out ICCID input menu ( No need to revise ICCID, use Default ) -> Press Send -> mobile enter into following image.
  3. Enter into SIM Card application -> press “Regain SIM Signal”-> wait signal and “3G” symbol appeared, dial “112” immediately, as following pic.
  4. Do not hang up after dialing “112”, Pull out card and insert it, wait for signal to appear.

    Content and images & video used from: Rsim5

Steps to Configure RSIM

Step 1 : Choose ICCID Activation Mode
Step 2 : Choose TMSI MANUAL
Step 3 : Input Working ICCID Code & Press Send