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Turbo Chip / R SIM


Apple is usually locked except some of countries are selling unlocked iPhone. But USA, CANADA, UNITED KINGDOM, JAPAN, AUSTRALIA are the country who selling the iPhone with the contract basis. It means when you purchased an Brand New Phone this are the country’s which has operators or telecommunication provider with the contract of mobile manufacturers. Usually this contracts are basically for one or two years. Example, When you buy a brand new phone with 2 years of contract with AT&T (USA OPERATOR) they will locked phone with their Network. You can’t use any other mobile operator while this time period. So the Chinese developer hacks the apple’s server and develop one Electronic chip program to bypass the locked operator network to other network operators. So, This Electronic Program is Called Turbo Chip’s.

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How to unlock your iPhone using Turbo SIM.

Step 1 : Buy turbo Chip
Step 2 : Insert Turbo chip in your Locked iPhone.
Step 3 : Enter to Emergency call – Long press to home button and release ( Side button for iPhone X )
Step 4 : Dial 50057672*00# or *5005*7672*88# and Press Calling Button (Green Color button)
Step 5 : Use ICCID Code ( current Working ICCID Code is : 8901 4104 2702 2599 7237 ) Updated on 15th March 2019.

It’s A temporary solution to Unlock your iPhone

When you update your iPhone with new iOS version Tubro may not be work’s you have to wait for new ICCID Code. Or try above steps if it works.